Our Services

TLC Marketing is here to provide customized marketing strategies and campaigns for your business. Our combination of media options merges the results-driven advantage of the digital marketing with traditional advertising. The result is an innovative, focused, and business-driven approach that works well with most types of businesses.

We take crucial, dedicated steps to come up with a comprehensive marketing plan that targets your audience, sets your goals, and provides a thorough analysis of your business to customize marketing strategies.

Our Advertising services include media planning, Digital Advertising, Social Media Planning and Management, Google AdWords, Youtube, and partnerships in other media platforms. We do market analysis, analyze competition and provide an integrated marketing and advertising solution to your business.

We also offer a focused and dedicated public relations strategy according to your business needs. From newswriting, news editing, distribution, customer engagement, to social media/blogging and sponsorship, TLC marketing has got you covered.

Our Design Team also offers ways to build your brand. We can help you in identifying and marketing your Corporate Identity. From branding, logos, to promotional materials, website development, and graphic design, we provide a comprehensive solution to your digital marketing and branding needs.