4 Ways to Stay Relevant in Digital Marketing

Most brands and businesses understand that marketing trends are always evolving. From the rise of smartphones and social media, to the advancements in SEOs and other marketing strategies, marketing trends are constantly on the “level-up” game. As such, it is crucial to know the latest trends in order to remain on top of the game. Keeping up with these trends allow marketing companies to offer the best strategies for businesses to achieve their goals. Here are the top 4 ways you need to know to stay updated with marketing trends.

Bloggers and Brand Advocates

Also known as “influencers” this next generation of advertisers are mostly millennials with huge followers on top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As such, they are known as the trendsetters and their followers are usually considered as a potential for a targeted customer base. They can easily help in promoting a brand or service as they usually master online marketing.

Mobile SEO

Most people now use their smartphones instead of desktop computers, which is why mobile SEO is an important factor to consider in marketing trends. Take a look at your website design and ensure that content is optimized for mobile use.

Location-based advertising

Startups and small businesses are flourishing. Geo-targeting as a marketing strategy is quite effective as it costs less and produces targeted results. It also posts higher conversion rates. This is another trend to watch out for and will most likely continue in the future.

Videos as preferred mode of advertising

We see videos dominate Facebook and Instagram and this trend will most likely continue. There is always a need to create engaging and relevant posts and brand advertisements. Videos fit the bill perfectly. Audiences typically have a short attention span, and videos have more appeal compared to plain images or texts.

There you have it, the top ways to stay relevant with marketing trends. Keep in mind that these trends will most likely further evolve in the future, so it is best to keep an eye on them and stay constantly updated.